Thursday, 19 January 2012

Sugar Lips

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Macarons are riding high as the cupcake antidote.  They are delicious, easy on the eye and impossible fairly simple to make at home.  I'm drawn to their jewel tones and tend to pick them out based on colour not flavour, risky!  So, when I received a Lip Macaron as a gift I fell for the little tin before even sampling the product inside.
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Needless to say they are as sweet and sugary as their confectionary counterparts, they smell exactly like the flavour they claim to be and they are really moisturising on the lips.  I carry sorbet (top left) with me at all times. Delicious.

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  1. Those macaroons look amazing!! I practically ate them for every meal when i was in Paris this past summer! Love your blog! Would love it if you could stop by my blog and tell me what you think of my latest post! Follow me, I follow you?!