Monday, 23 January 2012

Static - An insider tip

(image via - amazing balloon artist Rie Hosokai)

Having just used this little trick on set, it occured to me that you might like it, so here goes...

If you have the type of hair that kindly adapts itself to its environment.  You know, the kind that frizzes in the rain, flattens out in the heat or goes static (like the childhood balloon trick) every time you set foot in your college or place of work, well here is a little tip to tame those crazy flyways. 

Firstly find an old powder brush and donate it to your hair kit.  Give it a very quick spritz of a hairspray, and with a really light touch sweep it across those rogue hairs and they will magically step back in line with the rest of your mane! This trick is also brilliant for when you have created the perfect hairstyle masterpiece and you just need to smooth over and neaten up the look without it being weighed down with product. 

Voila, unkempt hair put in it's place.

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