Monday, 9 January 2012

London Life

In a mostly un-make-upy post I just wanted to talk about my absolute obsession with instagram.  Agreed, I am a little late in jumping on this super bandwagon but I am in love. So this weekend whilst rambling around the city running various errands and going to the theatre I put the app to work.

{Stunning displays from The Real Flower Company in Selfidges} - {An escalator at Southwark station on the way to the Tate Modern}

{Lip Macaron in Sorbet, Delicious} - {My buddy relaxing on Sunday afternoon}

{A small selection of the tools of my trade (an older image I easily filtered in instagram)} - {Incredible mini cupcakes from LOLA'S}

I will be writing a post about all the brushes I keep in my kit and what purpose each of them has, simplifying them down to a select few that every make-up bag should own!

Do you use instagram? Its addictive isn't it!?  

I hope you all had a fantastic weekend.

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