Wednesday, 29 June 2011

A good find

L'Oreal sent over some of their products for me to try out recently whilst I was doing the make up for a series of shoots for them. As a true make up junkie I am always excited to try new products especially from a brand that I wouldn't necessarily keep in my kit on a regular basis. In particular I love trying out new bases. I have a few favourites I always use that I will introduce you to, but in the meantime I have been really surprised and very impressed with one foundation that I want to quickly big up! Infallible by L'Oreal Paris.

It comes in packaging that is a little annoying for a make up artist but for a personal make up bag it is perfect. It has a soft brush attached to the top and the foundation squeezes (be careful its a little unpredictable) through ready for you to smooth over your skin. It does give a pretty heavy coverage, but for a night out, a special occasion or sparing use through the t-zone during the day its really a great product.

It is a very reasonable price I found it on line for £9.99 (about $16.00), but what I would say is that at the moment the colour selection isn't great so it is fairly limited as to who this may be suited to which is a real shame.

In other news. I am currently in the process of shooting some great "How To's" for you guys so I can finally start filling up my tips and tricks section in the top of the page! I always get asked how to do what I consider to be the very basics of great make up so I figured "the basics" will be a great place to start.

Have you made a great chemist (drugstore) product discovery recently?

Thursday, 23 June 2011

Festival Fever

So, for those of you who don't know this weekend in the UK is the world famous Glastonbury festival. It is a weekend (or week if you are a party monster) that so many of us look forward to every other year. This year the headline act will be the one and only Beyonce, who incidentally will be dropping in this week to the studios where I spend a huge amount of time for an interview. Exciting!

Anyway, back to the festival. What used to be a time for hippies to kick back and relax in a field listening to their favourite music, has turned into a full on runway show for every fashion savvy mud lover!

Miss Moss really killed it back in 2005 when she attended and set the fashion bar for all us future attendees really...really high!

(image via)

When she appeared in this denim short, wellington boot and beach, bed head ensemble. The uniform for Glastonbury had been well and truly established, and dedicated followers have obliged ever since. It is the one time of year where unwashed hair and a layer of three day old eyeliner is not considered gross but a total must!

(image unknown, do you?)

These girls are working the festival look to perfection. I love how everyone has their own unique twist on the look which is both comfortable and practical (it almost always rains!) and yet super sexy. If I were attending this year, which sadly I can't due to party wrecking work schedules, this is what I would be taking with me.

This gorgeous Alexander Wang backpack is on sale and can be found here. I think it has just the right balance of glamour and grunge and would be the perfect size to pack with these festival must haves.

1. Benefit cha cha tint - a gorgeous multiple use product in the perfect summer hue. Thats your lips and cheeks sorted.
2. Altoids - Just incase your toothbrush is a million miles away and someone lovely has caught your eye!
3. Bungee hair ties - Because by day three you may not be looking so "beachy".
4. MAC wipes - These are fantastic, I use them on every shoot as they are very effective at clean ups but keep the skin feeling fresh and moisturised. You will find a million uses for these.
5. Clinique body spray SPF25 - Remember no matter what colour or tone your skin is, the sun will still try and cause major damage, so keep moisturised and protected with a good SPF.
6. Bumble and Bumble hair powder - This is just one version of a product that needs no explanation, and for girls or guys with curly hair TRESemme have just bought out this, Yay.
7. Armani Eyes to kill mascara - It is without doubt the best mascara I have ever used and will keep your lashes looking beautiful no matter how hard you party.
8. Olympus PEN - Any camera you like (this one is just so pretty) to make sure you get tons of snaps to document your awesome, messy festival weekend with your friends!

Have an amazing time if your going please let me know how it was, and if you're not make sure you have a little festival of your own this weekend where ever you are. Enjoy!

Monday, 20 June 2011

Black and Gold

As I have previously mentioned Mulberry is in it's 40th year and certainly celebrating in style. These buttons were a fun little surprise I discovered in the bottom of my shopping bag when I got home.

I love the eccentric aesthetic that Mulberry is famous for and this little card purse sums their style up perfectly. With the logo "We believe in tea and cake" and the two British bulldogs emblazoned on the front. Well...I was sold!

At last I found myself in a meeting on the right side of London and was able find an excuse to pop into Harrods and finally get my hands on the Dolce and Gabbana leopard print bronzer.

And it is as gorgeous as you would expect from a luxury make up brand.

In a heavy gold compact.

(all photos via Kye Corfield)

With a little gold brush. Gorgeous.

Have you had your heart set on a little something special recently?

Thursday, 16 June 2011

Old world charm

The television and film industry get really busy around this time of year and sure enough June 2011 is no exception. I have been rushed off my feet, the calm and relaxed feeling of my weekend away by the sea a distant memory. However I finally got a moment to give my vintage treasures from that trip a home.

I love antique glass and this beautiful dressing table set just had to come home with me. It was a complete bargain at nine pounds, and is perfect in the bathroom to catch any jewellery I take off before jumping in the shower. These little sets could find so many uses around the house. Two of the pieces are candle sticks so I may end up splitting the set next time I host a dinner as they would look perfect on a pretty set table.

Another antique find was this glass foundation pot from Yardley. I just cant resist vintage make up products, compacts, pots, puffs and perfume bottles. They are just so detailed and feel so much more precious than the products we buy and discard so easily today.

The little bee on the top is such a simple detail that feels very British. This pot is welcome to sit proudly on my bathroom counter amongst its modern day counterparts!

(all images thanks to my friend Kye Corfield)

Do you have any lovely vintage items you simply had to bring home?

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