Friday, 20 January 2012

Beauty Icon...Miss Piggy

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She is the most glamourous of pigs with a signature style all of her own.  She knows what she likes in terms of beauty and she sticks with it.  Now you can recreate her look at home since she kindly created a mini collection with MAC.  Miss Piggy Pink eyeshadow, for an all over sweep of flattering colour, Penultimate eyeliner, for some drama along the lash line and The 36 lash falsies for maximum flutter appeal.  She looks smokin' and now we can too.
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I know who I will be channeling this weekend, lets hope its a fabulous one.

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  1. Ciao Claire,

    it was nice meeting you yesterday evening.
    I hope you slept well without thinking of Jack Lo Squartatore :D !!

    Hope to see u soon again!