Saturday, 31 December 2011

Thursday, 29 December 2011

Recycled Glitter

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New Years Eve is almost here and before thoughts turn to 2012 it is time to see 2011 out in style.  I am nail obsessed and always make sure I am sporting a fresh (always red) manicure.  This year I fancy something a little more sparkly.

Never being one to stray from my red tradition, I am currently wearing Fire by Dolce & Gabbana.  Who, might I add make the most amazing nail varnish I have tried in a long time.  I decided to cut a little piece of tinsel from my Christmas tree and arrange the silver strips over my wet nails in a really haphazard way (vertically from cuticle to tip) and then top coat.   The effect? super fun, very shiny, completely in keeping with the season, totally impossible to photograph and free! Recycling at its best.

Do you have any sparkly additions planned for your New Years Eve?

Monday, 19 December 2011

Ghosts of Christmas past

Whilst struggling to come up with a Christmas list this year, which is most unlike me, I started to think about all the things I was so desperate for as a kid.  I used to study magazines and catalogues like it was my job and dream of owning almost all of the items on the hair and beauty pages. Here are a few of my most coveted items, some I got and some I didn't.  If only I could put a couple of these on this years list.

This is awesome.  I would trade in my GHD's for these babies any day. Crispy hearts and stars burned into your hair?  Oh hell yeah!  This was an item I didn't ever get my little paws on.  The disappointment remains to this day.  

The item I did own, and love, was my crimper.  My dream was to have hair exactly like Daryl Hannah in Splash.  I never achieved it but was totally satisfied with a crunchy dried out mess and a poker straight fringe.  Super. Stylish. 

Up next was Tinkerbell peel off nail varnish.  This came from the Avon catalogue and was a show stopping bubblegum pink.  Who knew it was so ahead of it's time, Bo-Po (J-Lo, Li-Lo and so on!) brush on, peel off nail varnish only lasted seven seconds, but these were without doubt the most glamourous seven seconds of my eighth year on this planet.

As for smelling sweet at school, there were two options, So....? and ex'cla-ma'tion.  You can still buy these today, so if you fancy smelling like 92'....

Ooh how about some benders? I excitedly received these one Christmas and they were ridiculous.  Trying to apply a head full of benders to yourself was no mean feat, they were hot, like boiling hot. They were made of a type of rubber that caught every last one of your baby hairs and they never sat on your head without un-ravelling.  Ughh, all I wanted was hair like the girl in the picture. The picture was a lie. 

(image via)

This was (is, cough) my dream Christmas present.  My Caboodle make-up case.  Sigh.  This was quite literally my favourite thing I ever owned (aged 9 and 3/4) .  Stuffed full of lip smackers, scrunchies and Bo-Po's I felt like I had arrived, I could finally transport my junk everywhere in style. Now, if only I had somewhere to go...

Oh well, I would grab my Caboodle box add a spritz of Love's Baby soft and get to work on my...

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Fashion Wheel.  Yup, my Fashion Wheel.  In an hour I could whip up a whole collection of knee length a-lines, four tier full length skirts and puff sleeve shirts all entirely on trend, had it been 1976.  Still it didn't stop me banging them out like a Project Runway contestant.  

I hope these have given you some good ideas for your Christmas lists this year, or just a heartwarming three minutes of nostalgia.

What did little you desperately want for christmas?  Did you have any of the above? 

Oh, and if you had the Conair Impressions my eight year old self is supremely jealous! 

Friday, 16 December 2011

Rainbow Bright

The rainbow hair trend is huge in London right now, with most people opting for hues of pinks, blues and mint greens along side bleach dip dyes.  Here being the very best place to achieve this look in the city.

(image via unknown, if you do let me know so I can credit, thanks!)

So what do you make of this version? Ridiculous? Fabulous? Would you go this wild at the next appointment with your colourist?  I kind of love it for its unashamed boldness.

Have a colourful weekend everyone!

Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Murray Christmas

When you finish filming a movie there is normally a little gift given out to all of the crew members involved to say thank you for all the hard work.  These normally come in the form of a warm jacket branded with the name of the movie.  However, the most recent one to come home was far more inspiring.

So I filled it with ice,  added 35ml (ish!) of Grey Goose vodka,  a splash of grenadine, a much bigger splash of curacao triple sec and half a lime squeezed and thrown in.  I gave it a good shake, poured it out and added a cocktail cherry for major kitsch factor.  If you look closely you can see the star of the movie etched into the side of the shaker!

This little creation is strong, sweet and old fashioned, it felt perfect for the Christmas season.  It will now be affectionately know in our house as a Murray Christmas.  

(images thanks to Kye Corfield)

Have a go, it was delicious.

Do you have a particular cocktail you love to make up at home? How about a seasonal favourite you always create to get you in the holiday mood?

Monday, 12 December 2011

Setting the tone...Snow

1)  Amazing interiors inspiration courtesy of the supremely gorgeous Kelly Wearstler.
2)  Chanel Pearl drop, Nail Varnish £18.00 ($28.00)
3)  Michael Kors watch £125.00 ($195.00)
4)  Incredibly sweet, Smythson - White Christmas notebook £45.00 ($70.00)
5)  One of my favourite ever gadgets, Fujifim polaroid £70.00 ($110.00)
6)  Cantecaille iridescent eye shade, £23.00 ($36.00)
7)  Dyptique Mini candle, £20.00 ($31.00)
8)  Super sexy dress from ASOS, Can you believe it is on sale for £33.50 ($52.00)
9)  Dolce and Gabbana, Crayon intense eyeliner white, fill in your waterline and make your eyes sparkle. £16.50 ($25.00)
10) A deliciously indulgent feast for the eyes, Marie Antoinette. On DVD. Available here.

Friday, 9 December 2011

Little Preparations

Lets get this weekend off to a glamourous start with a few holiday season essentials.

Sparkling white teeth are definitely in order this season, especially as hopefully you will be spending most of it meeting up with friends and laughing together. This product is amazing and finally available in the UK.  Get your hands on some this Christmas and your teeth will love you forever! 

How about some big holiday hair, whether your locks are all the way down your back or a little above your ears you can always add a bit of height and a bit of glamour with a set of velcro rollers, some teasing and a quick spritz of make-up artist favourite, Elnett.

A perfect manicure, this is something I personally strive to have all year round (most of the time I cheat and have a gel manicure as it lasts about three weeks!). As a make-up artist its nice for the person in your chair to see the hands touching them are well looked after.  The winter is good chance to embrace the deeper colours out there, this, by Essie is my favourite winter red.  Polish your nails, it really finishes your look.

Finally as you are dashing out the door have a spritz of something delicious.  My signature scent is Chloe as it smells divine (obviously!), it works in all seasons and it transitions perfectly from day to night.
(image via)

Do you have a signature scent? meticulous pre-party preparations? 

Have a glamourous weekend everyone! 

Thursday, 8 December 2011


Alexander Wang you just keep bringing your A game when it comes to lust worthy arm candy!  Sold.

Coming up holiday season beauty essentials.

Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Festive Fishtail Braid

Fishtail braids look so complicated.  They are not! They are beautiful to look at, make you feel polished and together and are unbelievably simple to do.  Firstly, if you fancy, put a little bit of teasing in at the crown this is just to give some height and a nice silhouette to your final look. Then separate your hair roughly into two sections.

Take a small strand of hair from underneath one section and hand it over to the opposite section and then repeat the same process on the other side, continually passing a little piece of hair from underneath over to the other side and joining it into the original bunch.  The bigger the strands you pick the larger the, erm..scales? (yuck) in your fishtail braid will be. Keep doing this all the way down, easy huh?

Its even easier, if your hair is long enough to bring in front of you over your shoulder and braid downwards.  Keep repeating this process until your plait is the desired length, band up the end and you are ready to roll.   

I like to deconstruct this look a little bit and pull it apart with my fingers.  This makes the style a little more casual. (On the other hand you can really slick this do down and make it look super edgy and warrior like).  

Add a pout full of red lipstick and get your Christmas cocktail on!

(Thank you again gorgeous Leslie and Kye Corfield for his awesome photography skills! X)

Do you have a signature hairstyle? Do you have any plans for your hair and make up this party season? 

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Monday, 5 December 2011

Setting the tone...Blush

1) Pretty interior inspiration
2) Philosophy Amazing Grace £19.00 ($29.00) found here.
3) Topshop -Vintage style hexagon studs £7.50 ($12.00) found here.
4) Kozyndan Bunny Blossom limited edition cushion £45.00 ($70.00) found here.
5) Cute illustrations and a fun story for the little people you might know, found here.
6) Lady Ga Ga, Viva Glam - M.A.C. The full RRP less VAT going towards the M.A.C AIDS Fund, a treat with a purpose.
7) Stunning Chanel tweed blush £.29.00 ($45.00) found here.
8) The perfect Christmas gift idea £950 ($1490) or not! found here.
9) The perfect Christmas gift for me!  £499 ($783) found here.