Monday, 16 January 2012

Award Season

I love award season, it's a chance for us all to indulge in some major glamour during the slightly greyer months!  Last nights Golden Globes didn't disappoint.  My two stand out favourites were Jessica Biel and the luminous Reese Witherspoon.  The natural look certainly prevailed, and totally rocked the red carpet with both A listers choosing soft wavy casual hairstyles.

The combination of a super structured gown and very simple hair is killer sexy and these ladies nailed it.  

If you fancy this kind of un-done look then here are a couple of tools you should add to your collection.  The BaByliss Pro Conicle wand is a really easy way to add movement into your hair without it looking like you have tried to hard. Just grab random sections of hair working all the way around your head, wrap them around the hot wand, hold for a few seconds and then let go, Ta Da! Or, for an even quicker way to achieve effortless movement spray some Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray onto damp hair and let it dry naturally or gently with a diffuser. Gorgeous.

Flawless skin is something I am always asked how to achieve, and the trick for a red carpet event is not to use anything too sparkly.  Many foundation products have too much sheen in them to be photographed using a flash and it is almost impossible to not look greasy (not fabulous!).  Keep this in mind if you are going on a night out and know you are going to be photographed and go for a product that is semi-matt.  I love the bareMinerals original spf15 foundation for use in everyday life to achieve this look, it has the perfect balance of coverage and luminosity.  

The lipstick is from Estee Lauder and is just the right shade to enhance your natural lip colour in the most subtle way and is perfect for a vast array of skin tones and hair colours.  You could say it's the perfect pretty pink.

(all images via links)

Reese and Jessica have gone for the most minimal amount of eye make-up they can get away with (I just love that kind of confidence don't you?).  This Palette is called Naked 2 and is the follow up to Naked from Urban Decay and is apparently the best selling make-up palette of all time, Wow.  In my opinion it is a product that every make up fan should have so put this one on your wish list, you're going to love it.  With this colour selection you can give yourself a very simple contoured nude lid and a clean eye line, here is a little tutorial for the liner.  

Finally, NARS The Multiple in Orgasm is another product from the beauty hall of fame, a quick sweep of this across the cheek bones and blended outwards (this gives the camera flashes something to reflect off of but in the most flattering place!), and your barely there glamour puss look is complete.

 Oooh, I can't wait for the Academy Awards!


  1. they both looked absolutely classic and stunning as always

  2. I am a huge fan of natural colours for make up too. And waves in the hair! They look effortlessly beautiful...even though we know it took so long to look like that!
    Have a nice day
    Sara C.

  3. The Naked Palette is my most adored makeup product! It seems like you have the best taste in fashion & beauty. I LOVED Reese Witherspoon's classic red dress with the teased hair. xo