Wednesday, 28 March 2012

One for the Boys...

I have a whole load of different hair products for guys in my kit.  It's because I have a whole load of different guys in the show I am currently working on.  Here are a few i'm loving at the moment because perhaps your man needs a little nudge in the right hair styling direction, or your gbf or erm, you.  

(image via)

Hair shaper from Fudge is one of my favourites as it gives a really strong hold with a matt finish and is really easy to work into the hair.  Plus, it smells really delicious, like candy floss or toffee.  I use this myself as I have short bits in my hair and it isn't perfumed to appeal only to the guys.

(image via)

American Crew Fiber, is a really lovely 'grown up' product.  It has just the right amount of tack to tame the hair in a very subtle way but doesn't leave any shine.  The 'grown up' part comes with the fragrance of these products.  It makes me think of a guy sat in a glass corner office in the financial district of New York City in a movie set in 1984...too much? O.K lets move on.
(image via)

I love this, sumotech from Bumble and bumble is always in my set bag (the kit I actually carry onto the studio floor, I will give you a tour of those products soon).  It is smooth and matt with a great whipped and hardened texture.  It is perfect for hair that needs only the smallest amount of styling and let me tell you, it lasts for ever!
(image via)

This one is also very good, and very cheap, Yay! what I like about this is it's texture. It's a fibre gum which is a really fun product to work with.  Rub some of the product between the palms of your hands and then slowly pull them apart you will see all the little fibres this creates, do this motion over your hair, don't worry no-one is looking, and work these little strings into your hair and style as desired.  This one is really great.

Monday, 26 March 2012

Styling Trick - Super Lazy Ironing

This is an incredibly lazy styling secret I learned on a recent fashion shoot.  I often wear a headscarf wrapped around my hair at work to keep it out of my face whilst doing make-ups. Think, the image below but with my hair all pulled back into a quiff.

(image via pinterest)

It was really early (as it always is when a make-up artist gets to a shoot) and my headscarf was shoved in my bag and still in a knot from the night before.  I untied it to wear and it was a crumpled mess.  

The stylist who I was working with nonchalantly offered "Just straighten it", Huh?, "Use your GHD's and flat iron it".  What the what?.  Light bulb moment!

(image via)

It worked a treat! 

Now, I'm not saying you should use this tip to iron almost anything (you can!) but I am saying if you are just dashing out of the door and your favourite top or whatever has a crease in it give this trick a go (just read the garment label to make sure it can be ironed obvs!), it is a lazy quick fix and I love it!

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Setting the tone...The Coral

1) Another gorgeous interiors inspiration via pinterest.
2) A wardrobe staple from Alexander McQueen. Found here.
3) Stunning and pretty expensive 'The Coral Reef' eye palette from Chantecaille.  Found at my favourite store.
4) Very cute leather and chain Clutch bag or make up bag from ASOS.
5) Essie nail polish in California Coral.  Perfect for the up coming summer months.
6) Coralista from Benefit, a beachy blush colour suitable for a huge variety of skin tones.
7) Insanely sexy leather trousers, I love these babies!
8) Summer is on it's way, very cliche but it's time to get my run on! These Nikes will be perfect.
9) Cute coral pillow found here on Etsy, because buying real coral is so bad for our planet.

Monday, 19 March 2012

Fuchsia Lips

Barely there make-up and really bright lips is a look that I love.  It makes you feel polished and together but it only takes a couple of minutes to achieve.  It's the perfect way to bring the Spring into your life.

(Jil Sander S/S11)

 This is the one I like as I find it suits my skin tone the best.  L'Oreal colour riche - Intense - Fuchsia 288 £8.19 ($13.00).  I always apply my super bright lipsticks with a brush just to get the perfect finish.  It doesn't look good if the colour is running into your face or spread across your teeth!  This brush from Bobbi Brown is the best for the job and it's retractable too.

Another incredible MAC collaboration, this time with Fashion Photographer Chen Man from Beijing, has resulted in this gorgeous little lip duo, the one on the right being my favourite, it's called Love and Water and I will be utterly amazed if you can get hold of it!

(image via)
Finally how perfect is this drug store version from Boot's own cosmetics line No7, It is called vital brights - Blossoming Pink and is only £10.00 ($16.00).  I love it when you can get a runway look from a high street brand.

(image via)

Do you have a favourite bright you love to wear on your lips?

Friday, 16 March 2012


Phew, the end is in sight of the most insanely busy week.  Just before I dash off to continue the birthday celebrations (i'm really stretching this one out!), I thought I would leave you with some vintage Chanel eye candy!

Have a productive weekend guys!

Thursday, 15 March 2012

Inspiring to say the least...

(image via)

Last weekend I had the absolute pleasure of attending Blogshop London.  Hosted by Bri Emery of   DESIGNLOVEFEST, the weekend was a whirlwind of intense photoshop studying in a room full of inspiring new friends at the most incredible studio space in London's east end.  

I learned so much thanks to Angela and Bri's relaxed and un-intimidating approach to teaching such a complicated subject.  

They made the space so beautiful and we left with a bag full of goodies to remind us of our weekend.  Including some super awesome temporary tattoos from Tattly that I have been rocking ever since, and a baggu that I have already utilised at the checkout at the wig store (more on that coming soon!)

(images all 56 to Rivington)

I can't wait to have a go at trying my new found skills out around here,  I just hope I haven't forgotten it all already.

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

A Lazy Day...

Today is my birthday, Yay! So, no make-up post, just cake for everyone!

(little cake image via pinterest)

Monday, 12 March 2012

What is BB cream anyway?

You must have heard of BB cream by now.  It is also known as beauty balm and is apparently such a wonder product that any cosmetics company, both luxury and high street, worth their salt has created a version.  There are now so many on the market all claiming the same miracles that I am going to give you a little rundown of one I decided to test run at random.  Clinique age defense BB Cream SPF 30 £25.00 ($39.00).
All of the creams are apparently (so they claim) the first line of defence for your skin, especially for us city dwellers.  Packed full of antioxidants and SPF30, these are the ingredients that protect us from the elements and general junk in the atmosphere.  

It contains UVA/UVB to protect us from any premature signs of ageing.  It also contains special optical beads to reflect light away from the skin which reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.  

Although anything with light reflecting properties will do this if used in the right way.

There is more, It gives enough coverage to even out skin tone and cover over any (very little) pimples.  This particular BB Cream comes in three shades.  Think tinted moisturiser in terms of coverage.

Personally this won't be replacing the base products on my dressing table, but have a do go with one as these are good multi-functional products, and if you are a fan of minimal fuss items then this will be perfect for you! 

So there you go, a wonder balm or a totally un-necessary make-up bag edition?  Have you tried one, what did you think?

Friday, 9 March 2012

Spring Fever

I have decided to draw some inspiration from the season just around the corner. Spring! 
I am lucky enough to live in a city that is the proud owner of what I consider to be the most fabulous boutique department store in the Whole. Wide. World, Liberty.  An imposing mock Tudor building made out of ship timber that has been a landmark just off London's Regent Street, famous for its instantly recognisable fabric prints since 1875.  Here are a few gorgeous - March appropriate - picks from the current exclusive to Liberty range.

{Nike - Mid Blazers £75.00 ($118.00)} - {Liberty Knot Watch £59.00 ($93.00)}

{Cowshed - Dirty Cow hand wash £14.00 ($22.00)} - {Stunning Mothers Day Bouquet from Wild at Heart £50.00 ($78.00)}

{Indulgent Otis Batterbee Lavender infused eye mask - $45.00 ($70.00)}

{What a cute little Liberty Mouse paperweight, the perfect souvenir if you ever stop by! £27.00 ($42.50)}

I hope these floral lovelies have put a little Spring in your step.  

Have a refreshing weekend guys, See you next week!

Thursday, 8 March 2012

Baby its cold outside...

It seems as though winter has lasted forever in London this time around.  It is still so cold here so its time to break out the big guns.  Here are just two of the many items in my beauty survival inventory! 

(image via)

This Dermalogica lip treatment provides great relief for a weather ravaged pout, Mmmm nice.  I find it doubles up as a fantastic skin protectant, alongside my usual SPF of course, especially if I am filming outside in the cold all day, I use it down my nose and on my cheeks (in extreme weather conditions!) and it really reduces wind burn and dryness by the end of a long day on set, £7.60 ($12.00).
(image via)

Most people tend to be unaware that the winter cold damages our hair as much as the summer heat.  With hats being pulled on and off, central heating drying it out and extremely harsh UV rays from strong winter sun (although we haven't seen much of that around here lately).  Moroccan oil has earned a cult following in recent years and for good reason.  Their restorative hair mask is a seven minute treatment that nourishes dry, brittle and damaged hair.  Perfect for these long winter months (in London, Lucky you, if you live somewhere hot!). £30.00 ($47.00).

(image via)

Hopefully Spring is going to break for good soon, however in the meantime isn't this little puffa jacket from Penfield cute?  Found at ASOS on sale for £130.00 ($205.00).

(image via)

And for the winter sun and some satisfying sale shopping aren't these sunglasses from The Row at The Outnet super chic? These are on sale at £97.20 ($153.00) down from £216.00 ($341.84).  

Bring on the Spring but in the meantime lets enjoy a few last Winter sale treats huh?!

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

McQueen Dreams...

Wow! Sarah Burton really knocked it out of the park with her latest collection for McQueen.  If anyone ever doubted her ability to keep the integrity and ingenuity of the brand that was so personal to her late friend Lee McQueen they are sure to be more convinced each season.  

Last nights show in Paris was said to be inspired by 'the rippling under bellies of mushrooms' and was truly exquisite.

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Feeling Blue...

There is nothing I don't love about this beautiful shoot, showcasing Illamasqua's new collection - Human Fundamentalism (deep!).  How gorgeous is the contouring and white beauty mark?   

(image via)

I love how make-up is having a 'breaking all the rules' moment (said in the style of Michael Kors) and I really hope this kind of beauty trickles down (and saturates a little) from the runways and editorial shoots onto the streets in much the same way as dying your hair awesome colours has.  

(image via)

This is from their Theatre of the Nameless collection.  The brand is streets ahead in transforming an avant grade look like this one into everyday.  Utterly fabulous!

Monday, 5 March 2012

Hard as Nails...

At the moment my nails are a mess,  the weather in London and subsequent lack of vitamin D is really messing with my nail mojo man.  This is the O.P.I nail strengthener that I should have started using about a week ago before they all started breaking off.  Better late than never I guess.

You build up the product by applying one coat daily for a week and then removing and starting again. It is the only thing I have ever found that has genuinely given my nails the strengh to grow strong and long and healthy (although many other products that I have tried claim to do this but actually do nothing, this means you Miss Sally Hansen! yeah thats right i'm naming and shaming on this one).  It is quite expensive in retailers, probably £18.00 ($28.55) however I have always got it half that price on Ebay.  So, if your nails are a total disaster right now and you are willing them to grow so you can get stuck into all the awsome DIY manicures that are so hot right now then I would definitely try this as it provides impressive results.

Friday, 2 March 2012

Experimental Colour

I know I have spoken about these palettes before, but I love them.  A super easy way to experiment with your look is to have a mess around with different colours and tones when doing your eye make up.  This is not always a cheap thing to do and if you like to experiment with runway trends, you might find yourself spending a ton of cash recreating a look that may turn out to be less than perfect for you.  This is where Sleek make-up comes in.

These palettes are insanely good value at $10.00 (£6.50).  The pigment is not quite up to the standard of a brand like MAC or Illamasqua, however these guys really stand their ground and put up some very decent competition.  The colour is strong and blends incredibly well.  This product perhaps needs a little more layering but doing this only lends to a very seamless look.

They also do some great collaborations, like the one above with London based fashion label PPQ, how awesome are these colours? perfect for some S/S12 runway copycatting! 

(Thanks Kyec (instagram) for the shots!)

There are many more palettes available, including an awesome everyday nude palette which I didn't manage to pick up at IMAT's (they are available online and nationally in drug stores).  This brand is perfect for anyone with a huge make-up obsession but a tiny make-up budget.

Have an experimental weekend guys!