Thursday, 26 January 2012

Paris in Winter

One of the many brilliant things about being a Londoner is that we are lucky enough to be a mere two hours or so from Paris, this means whenever the fancy takes us we can hop on the Eurostar, leave our city behind and go and explore the beautiful French capital,  it is astoundingly convenient for both work and pleasure and this week I took advantage.

{On recommendation by a dear friend Angelina's truly make the best hot chocolate I have ever had} - {The Louvre}

{some paper cut graffiti and fun signage in the Marais}

{thought provoking graffiti and an unusual view of a familiar landmark}

{a gorgeous haberdashery} - {my dream shop as a little girl, Repetto, aren't these pretty?}

{the new Longchamp collaboration with Mary Katrantzou at Colette} - {glamourous water}

{the breathtaking Eiffel Tower} - {equally breathtaking Givenchy}

Do you live close to somewhere special you love to disappear to?


  1. You are so lucky! It is my dream to travel to France but it is not so easy for Americans to get there without paying for a plane ticket :/ Great photos!

  2. Very true Katie, although you do have easy access to New York you lucky thing!

  3. Slurp!! that sweet seems divine!!!
    Have a nice day

    Sara C.

  4. Wow, the shots are amazing! You are so lucky to be living in a great city, but also a few hours away from many others in Europe!!

  5. gorgeous photos!
    love your blog


  6. Amazing! I can't imagine how incredible it would be to live in day-tripping distance of Paris!!

  7. in nyc but jealous! gorgeous pics!