Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Going Coconuts

The second, literally, the second someone famous and gorgeous mentions in an interview that all of their  loveliness is down to something affordable, organic and available in your local high street it becomes a phenomenon.  This happened last year with coconut oil.  So I thought I would investigate.

There is seemingly nothing this little jar of oil can't do.  It is one of the healthiest oils to cook with as it is not hydrogenated and it has no cholesterol, hmmm.  It helps weight loss as it increases the rate at which your metabolism works, and to is said to have countless other health benefits including maintaining energy levels, stress reduction and improving organ function. Wow. 

There are endless ways to add this little health buddy into your diet, you can mix a teaspoon of it into your hot drink, sprinkle some on your salad or cereal, spread it on your toast, bake with it or just eat a teaspoon out of the jar. Although I would imagine that last suggestion to be almost impossible.

It also has many external uses, It is said to be an amazing pre shampoo hair treatment. Massaged into your head an hour before washing your hair, it nourishes your scalp and adds shine to your hair.  If your hair is very dry a little worked through the ends once your hair is dry is said to work wonders.  It melts on contact and is a non greasy natural moisturiser for your skin and can even help prevent stretch marks apparently!

Miranda Kerr, yes, this beauty phenomenon is her fault! Insists she eats four tablespoons, yep, tablespoons a day and credits coconut oil for her amazing skin and shiny hair.  Many people weighed in saying four tablespoons is a pretty crazy amount to consume so I don't think that amount is necessary but a little bit in my lunch can't hurt can it?.

Have you tried adding coconut oil to your diet or beauty regime? Have you noticed any benefits?  

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