Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Just Because...

It's so grey and cold in London Town and this is so pretty and spring like.

(image via)

Lara Stone and Kate Moss in kitty ears, for LOVE magazine, Shot by Mario Testino out on February 6th.  

Monday, 30 January 2012

Styling Trick - Put it on Ice

Its not going to be often I put an image of something as un-glamourous as a sandwich bag on this blog, but this amazing trick requires one so Im afraid here it is.

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In order to ramp our glamour factor back up to 10 here are the gorgeous YSL tribute sandals.  

(image via)

I'm using these as an example as they are the very shoes that a super stylish friend of mine is wearing to the BAFTA's this year, however they are a little too tight.  Not fun.

These need to be stretched a touch and here is how.  Take two sandwich bags and fill them about a quarter of the way up with water and seal them tight.  I seal them closed and then tie them up just to be on the safe side, then tuck the little bags of water into the ends of the shoes.  Pop them in a carrier bag and then put them in the freezer.  WHAT, YSL Tributes in the FREEZER?!?  Don't panic, they will only be in there until the water has frozen into ice, although I leave them about two hours.  Take them out and leave the bags of ice to thaw slightly (about 15 minutes) slide them out of the shoe and Ta Da! The tight pinchy bit of your shoes are now approximately half a size larger! (the stretch differs depending on the amount of water you use).

This works best on plain leather shoes, be very careful of getting water on suede and when using this trick on patent leather keep a close eye throughout the freezing process to prevent cracks (very unlikely but super annoying if it was to happen).  This works on kids shoes and mens shoes too, just use your eye to judge the amount of water to use.

Now you can go and grab those fabulous shoes you bought in the sale but are to tight to wear* and stretch those beauties out in time for the weekend.

*Come on, admit it how many pairs of those do you own?

Friday, 27 January 2012

Yes Ditto

The new MAC - Beth Ditto collaboration campaign is totally badass (as if it was ever going to be anything but!).  

Have an amazing weekend, see you next week.

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Thursday, 26 January 2012

Paris in Winter

One of the many brilliant things about being a Londoner is that we are lucky enough to be a mere two hours or so from Paris, this means whenever the fancy takes us we can hop on the Eurostar, leave our city behind and go and explore the beautiful French capital,  it is astoundingly convenient for both work and pleasure and this week I took advantage.

{On recommendation by a dear friend Angelina's truly make the best hot chocolate I have ever had} - {The Louvre}

{some paper cut graffiti and fun signage in the Marais}

{thought provoking graffiti and an unusual view of a familiar landmark}

{a gorgeous haberdashery} - {my dream shop as a little girl, Repetto, aren't these pretty?}

{the new Longchamp collaboration with Mary Katrantzou at Colette} - {glamourous water}

{the breathtaking Eiffel Tower} - {equally breathtaking Givenchy}

Do you live close to somewhere special you love to disappear to?

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Setting the tone...Charlie Brown

1) The charming Charlie Brown as created by the genius Charles M. Schultz.
2) Bright and beautiful interior inspiration, Image via an unknown source.
3) Very appropriate Charlie Brown-esque clutch bag found on Etsy here ($32.90)
4) Gorgeous Illamasqua Nail Lacquer in Rare (£13.50).
5)  An essential brush to add to your collection, this version is - Bobbi brown foundation brush (£31.00).
6) Shu Uemura Skin Purifier, Cleansing oil, a refreshing way to wash the day from your face (£28.00). 
7) Brogues found here, for a little Peanuts chic.
8) MAC eyeshadow in three ring yellow.
9) The essential 60th Anniversary Peanuts Hardback a must for any Snoopy fan, found here.

Monday, 23 January 2012

Static - An insider tip

(image via - amazing balloon artist Rie Hosokai)

Having just used this little trick on set, it occured to me that you might like it, so here goes...

If you have the type of hair that kindly adapts itself to its environment.  You know, the kind that frizzes in the rain, flattens out in the heat or goes static (like the childhood balloon trick) every time you set foot in your college or place of work, well here is a little tip to tame those crazy flyways. 

Firstly find an old powder brush and donate it to your hair kit.  Give it a very quick spritz of a hairspray, and with a really light touch sweep it across those rogue hairs and they will magically step back in line with the rest of your mane! This trick is also brilliant for when you have created the perfect hairstyle masterpiece and you just need to smooth over and neaten up the look without it being weighed down with product. 

Voila, unkempt hair put in it's place.

Friday, 20 January 2012

Beauty Icon...Miss Piggy

(image via)

She is the most glamourous of pigs with a signature style all of her own.  She knows what she likes in terms of beauty and she sticks with it.  Now you can recreate her look at home since she kindly created a mini collection with MAC.  Miss Piggy Pink eyeshadow, for an all over sweep of flattering colour, Penultimate eyeliner, for some drama along the lash line and The 36 lash falsies for maximum flutter appeal.  She looks smokin' and now we can too.
(image via)

I know who I will be channeling this weekend, lets hope its a fabulous one.

Thursday, 19 January 2012

Sugar Lips

(image via)

Macarons are riding high as the cupcake antidote.  They are delicious, easy on the eye and impossible fairly simple to make at home.  I'm drawn to their jewel tones and tend to pick them out based on colour not flavour, risky!  So, when I received a Lip Macaron as a gift I fell for the little tin before even sampling the product inside.
(image via)

Needless to say they are as sweet and sugary as their confectionary counterparts, they smell exactly like the flavour they claim to be and they are really moisturising on the lips.  I carry sorbet (top left) with me at all times. Delicious.

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Going Coconuts

The second, literally, the second someone famous and gorgeous mentions in an interview that all of their  loveliness is down to something affordable, organic and available in your local high street it becomes a phenomenon.  This happened last year with coconut oil.  So I thought I would investigate.

There is seemingly nothing this little jar of oil can't do.  It is one of the healthiest oils to cook with as it is not hydrogenated and it has no cholesterol, hmmm.  It helps weight loss as it increases the rate at which your metabolism works, and to is said to have countless other health benefits including maintaining energy levels, stress reduction and improving organ function. Wow. 

There are endless ways to add this little health buddy into your diet, you can mix a teaspoon of it into your hot drink, sprinkle some on your salad or cereal, spread it on your toast, bake with it or just eat a teaspoon out of the jar. Although I would imagine that last suggestion to be almost impossible.

It also has many external uses, It is said to be an amazing pre shampoo hair treatment. Massaged into your head an hour before washing your hair, it nourishes your scalp and adds shine to your hair.  If your hair is very dry a little worked through the ends once your hair is dry is said to work wonders.  It melts on contact and is a non greasy natural moisturiser for your skin and can even help prevent stretch marks apparently!

Miranda Kerr, yes, this beauty phenomenon is her fault! Insists she eats four tablespoons, yep, tablespoons a day and credits coconut oil for her amazing skin and shiny hair.  Many people weighed in saying four tablespoons is a pretty crazy amount to consume so I don't think that amount is necessary but a little bit in my lunch can't hurt can it?.

Have you tried adding coconut oil to your diet or beauty regime? Have you noticed any benefits?  

Monday, 16 January 2012

Award Season

I love award season, it's a chance for us all to indulge in some major glamour during the slightly greyer months!  Last nights Golden Globes didn't disappoint.  My two stand out favourites were Jessica Biel and the luminous Reese Witherspoon.  The natural look certainly prevailed, and totally rocked the red carpet with both A listers choosing soft wavy casual hairstyles.

The combination of a super structured gown and very simple hair is killer sexy and these ladies nailed it.  

If you fancy this kind of un-done look then here are a couple of tools you should add to your collection.  The BaByliss Pro Conicle wand is a really easy way to add movement into your hair without it looking like you have tried to hard. Just grab random sections of hair working all the way around your head, wrap them around the hot wand, hold for a few seconds and then let go, Ta Da! Or, for an even quicker way to achieve effortless movement spray some Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray onto damp hair and let it dry naturally or gently with a diffuser. Gorgeous.

Flawless skin is something I am always asked how to achieve, and the trick for a red carpet event is not to use anything too sparkly.  Many foundation products have too much sheen in them to be photographed using a flash and it is almost impossible to not look greasy (not fabulous!).  Keep this in mind if you are going on a night out and know you are going to be photographed and go for a product that is semi-matt.  I love the bareMinerals original spf15 foundation for use in everyday life to achieve this look, it has the perfect balance of coverage and luminosity.  

The lipstick is from Estee Lauder and is just the right shade to enhance your natural lip colour in the most subtle way and is perfect for a vast array of skin tones and hair colours.  You could say it's the perfect pretty pink.

(all images via links)

Reese and Jessica have gone for the most minimal amount of eye make-up they can get away with (I just love that kind of confidence don't you?).  This Palette is called Naked 2 and is the follow up to Naked from Urban Decay and is apparently the best selling make-up palette of all time, Wow.  In my opinion it is a product that every make up fan should have so put this one on your wish list, you're going to love it.  With this colour selection you can give yourself a very simple contoured nude lid and a clean eye line, here is a little tutorial for the liner.  

Finally, NARS The Multiple in Orgasm is another product from the beauty hall of fame, a quick sweep of this across the cheek bones and blended outwards (this gives the camera flashes something to reflect off of but in the most flattering place!), and your barely there glamour puss look is complete.

 Oooh, I can't wait for the Academy Awards!

Thursday, 12 January 2012


So, just as I finished my banana chocolate muffin and cappuccino this afternoon, this happened.

Hmmm, way to take the fun out of an afternoon pastry break!

Do your new years resolutions look this impressive?

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Metal Gear Solid

Whilst wading through the Spring/Summer make up collections, editing photographs and scheduling shoots I repeatedly had my attention drawn to this little beauty. 

(image via)

Courtesy of Yves Saint Laurent, I predict this hair band, Croissant, armadillo looking affair is going to kick off a huge trend in hair jewellery this season.  It has Editors the world over going crazy for its complicated simplicity.  I love when an accessory sparks a frenzy especially when it's something you wear in your hair.

P.S: Don't you love her little hidden tattoo!

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Is spring in the air?

No, of course it's not, it is still only the tenth of January but that doesn't stop the spring/summer make up collections from hitting the beauty counters, Yessss!

I inevitably love the hotly anticipated MAC collection by Daphne Guinness the Grande Dame of all things couture and fabulous.

And talking of MAC I can't get enough of the bright and springy lipstick wardrobe that has been created as part of the Iris Apfel Collection.  Perfectly capturing her zesty tastes in fashion, accessories and bold make-up choices.  I would (and will) wear them all!

The Spring/Summer 2012 look from Christian Dior was inspired by his rose garden and has taken a garden party theme.  How stunning is this? 

With embossed roses and punchy tones it embraces the seasons clean, bright colour palette.

And for the most eye catching manicure there are these:

(all images via links)

Amazing, and as a continuation on the whole garden party idea, they are rose scented.  Glorious. 

Do you have any bright ideas for a make-up re-vamp this spring? 

Monday, 9 January 2012

London Life

In a mostly un-make-upy post I just wanted to talk about my absolute obsession with instagram.  Agreed, I am a little late in jumping on this super bandwagon but I am in love. So this weekend whilst rambling around the city running various errands and going to the theatre I put the app to work.

{Stunning displays from The Real Flower Company in Selfidges} - {An escalator at Southwark station on the way to the Tate Modern}

{Lip Macaron in Sorbet, Delicious} - {My buddy relaxing on Sunday afternoon}

{A small selection of the tools of my trade (an older image I easily filtered in instagram)} - {Incredible mini cupcakes from LOLA'S}

I will be writing a post about all the brushes I keep in my kit and what purpose each of them has, simplifying them down to a select few that every make-up bag should own!

Do you use instagram? Its addictive isn't it!?  

I hope you all had a fantastic weekend.

Friday, 6 January 2012

A little light reading

As a make-up artist I find that I draw inspiration from anywhere and everywhere.  If I had an endless supply of cash, fabulous books would be my drug.  Here are some I own and one in particular I dream of owning. 

 Vivienne Westwood - Opus / Alexander McQueen - Savage Beauty

Chanel - Collections and Creations / Vogue Living - Houses Gardens People

Basquiat / Carine Roifeld - Irreverent

They are works of art in their own right and look gorgeous stacked on a coffee table, packed full of potential for new ideas.

Do you have any books that you instantly turn to when in need of inspiration? 

I hope you all have a creative weekend.