Monday, 30 July 2012

Medal Winning

London is of course all about the Olympics right now.  Forget the opening ceremony that received  mixed reviews, forget the empty seats at all the events debacle, forget the ultra embarrassing flag mix up on day one, its all about the manicures!  

If you look closely beyond the incredible bodies and unparalleled sporting prowess, you may just spot the ladies representing their nations on their nails.  The olympic ring manicure may be a little too literal for my taste, but I love these...

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Butter london have released this awesome Heavy Medal collection, with gold, silver and bronze to choose from.  what a great way to show your support without ramping up the tacky factor!

Wednesday, 25 July 2012

3 - Dot Liner

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Sometimes you stumble across an image that totally sums up your mood.  This incredible mixed media work called Original Ombre Pink Peach Moon 1 by Adam Collier Noel is so beautiful and serves perfectly to inspire.  I'm very jealous of the lucky duck who snagged this to hang in their home!

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This is so cool (in theory) it is the soon to be released Clarins 3 dot liner.  I have read mixed reviews about how people are using this product.  Some are saying it is for the novice to carry out a winged eyeliner whilst exercising mega caution, as in, drawing the whole line using a series of three dots and then filling in, not good practice and likely to end in an uneven shambles.  The other more realistic and exciting use is to work the product in the series of dots right in between your lashes, really thickening up the look of the lash line.  Then for more depth add your liquid eyeliner (see how to do that really easily here) on top resulting in very sultry'd hope!
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Another gorgeous product from upcoming the Autumn/winter 12 collection from Clarins is this limited edition colour accents face and bush palette, perfect for highlighting and contouring and adding a rosy glow to a wide variety of complexions.

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And if it is as sunny where you are as we are in London right now (I am currently shooting at a really hot and sticky location), make some of this incredible Watermelon Agua Fresca.  It is unbelievably refreshing and really delicious, recipe here.  Or you could try these grown-up slushies that look equally as delicious but slightly more fun, recipe here!

Have a chilled day guys!

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

A Lipstick & A Legend

A perfect red has been created in homage to the late, great photographer Helmut Newton taking inspiration from his imagery, highlighting the power and iconicity of the red lip.  It is a collaboration between Author Periel Aschenbrand, The Lipstick Queen Poppy King and the most striking of all supermodels Jenny Shimizu.

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Helmut Red has been released in support of children at risk of HIV and is available in a limited run at House of Exposure for $25.00. Awesome colour, incredible shoot.  Get em' while they're hot people!

Monday, 23 July 2012

Pattern Perfect

Summer has (tentativley) arrived in London and for some reason the sunshine always draws me to vibrant colours and really busy patterns,  accessories, make-up, soft furnishings, whatever, I want them now and they gotta be bright!  These are a few things that have found their way home with me recently.
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I had to have this awesome scarf from French label Sandro £220.00 ($341.00) it is perfect for wrapping hair up at work during the summer months, paired with simple jeans and a plain t-shirt, it really seems to make a regular outfit just a teeny bit wow! 

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Make-up should always be kept to a minimum when the sun comes out, otherwise by the end of the day it will be down by your knees (not pretty!).  A careful skincare routine, a slick of mascara and a blotted down jolt of colour on the lips works a dream this time of year.  Roman holiday from NARS is definitely a seasonal favourite for me. Here for £16.00 ($24.00)

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A recent discovery in my most frequented store in London, Liberty, (if you have never been and you are ever in London please stop by here for the most beautifully curated selection of gorgeousness this town has to offer!) are these fabulous cosmetics and wash bags hand made by Alexandra Mann,  each one is unique and lined with wipe clean laundry bag fabric making them super functional.  I can't recommend these enough, they would also make great gifts don't you think?

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Calypso by Dior is just the right fruity shade of red for this time of year.  A bright manicure is another great way to add a pop of colour to a work wardrobe or a casual outfit without looking overly done.

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Whilst i'm crushing on bright prints and bold colours, I stumbled across this guy on Etsy for the home, absolutely gorgeous. 

I hope wherever you guys are you are having a sunny day.

Monday, 9 July 2012

Y yeS L

This is a definite, 'why did this take so long' moment.  Finally Yves Saint Laurent have applied the incredible light reflecting properties of the make-up powerhouse Touche Eclat and created - Le Teint Touche Eclat Foundation.  Yay!

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With a fantastic launch range of twenty two different shades most people will find a tone suitable for their completion.

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Not everyone is as keen on the original Touche Eclat as I am, however I always have the full range in my kit as I love the result it achieves.  So, I am really excited to add this new foundation to my kit and see how it works on camera.  I'm sensing a competitor for the Chanel Vitalumiere range (and it's around £4.00 cheaper!).
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Have you tried this yet?  Let me know what you think!

Friday, 6 July 2012

I heart NYC

Besides the incredible amount of creativity it contains, including this which is a mind blowing must see...

The endlessly inspiring fashion and street art...

The most super fun form of public transport...

And the most enjoyable way ever to spend a weekend, here and here...

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I never fail to uncover some major make-up gems that find their way to the very top of my beauty routine or my set bag and here are a few worth trying out.
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Sensual Skin Enhancer (silly name) from the late, great Kevyn Aucoin is truly the wonder base product I have been searching for,  It is a super creamy multiple product working as a foundation, a blemish concealer and an under eye highlighter providing astounding results.  I find you get the best out of it if you work it into your skin with your fingers, it comes in sixteen shades and is available here in the UK for £36.00 and here in the US for about $56.00.  It's a tiny pot but it goes a very long way and is perfect for a little enhancement as opposed to a full coverage base.

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Doctors Dermalogic Formula - DDF, Ultra lite oil free moisturising dew (long name) is exactly what is says on the label, it's super light but seems to keep my skin hydrated all day and make-up can be applied almost straight after using it. If you have sensitive skin and are searching for a great summer moisturiser give this a go.  Available here for $40.00

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Finally Fresh Cannabis Santal (controversial name, ha!) is absolutely delicious,  it is marketed as a mens fragrance however I found it to be sexy and sultry and seemingly perfect for NYC.  With top notes of Bergamot and Brazilian Orange, heart notes of Cannabis Accord (no it doesn't smell anything like that) and rose and base notes of Chocolate, Vetiver and Vanilla it is simply delicious.

I always find New York City a constant source of inspiration and this time round was certainly no exception.

Thursday, 5 July 2012

Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Snap, Print

A fashion icon...The Polaroid.

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(Helmut newton, world gem flash 1997)

Every now and then a little something comes along that really rocks my world.  Today I found out that this has happened...

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As an MUA polaroid cameras have a special place in my heart.  Before digital cameras (can you imagine?!) a polaroid camera was an on-set staple in the make-up department, we used them to snap a quick continuity shot of our actors in situ.  This was always the perfect way to take a continuity shot as you instantly had a visual reference for the scene you were currently filming.

This is a combination of instant print and digital and I am in love!  On my recent trip to NYC I decided to tote around my FUJI Instax Mini instead of my SLR (Nikon D3000) and I was able capture the city in a whole new light in a way that only an instant print can.

I don't think this little camera will replace a compact digital in my set bag for work, but it is certainly going to be a welcome addition to any social occasion as it feels like an exciting new generation of an old classic.

What do you shoot on?