Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Snap, Print

A fashion icon...The Polaroid.

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(Helmut newton, world gem flash 1997)

Every now and then a little something comes along that really rocks my world.  Today I found out that this has happened...

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As an MUA polaroid cameras have a special place in my heart.  Before digital cameras (can you imagine?!) a polaroid camera was an on-set staple in the make-up department, we used them to snap a quick continuity shot of our actors in situ.  This was always the perfect way to take a continuity shot as you instantly had a visual reference for the scene you were currently filming.

This is a combination of instant print and digital and I am in love!  On my recent trip to NYC I decided to tote around my FUJI Instax Mini instead of my SLR (Nikon D3000) and I was able capture the city in a whole new light in a way that only an instant print can.

I don't think this little camera will replace a compact digital in my set bag for work, but it is certainly going to be a welcome addition to any social occasion as it feels like an exciting new generation of an old classic.

What do you shoot on?

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