Friday, 29 June 2012

A Colourful Concept

Having disappeared for what seems like forever, totally consumed with a new comedy, photo shoots, The Queen's Jubilee and a whirlwind trip to New York City, I'm back.  Thank you so much to everyone who kept checking in during my absence your support means the world to 56 to Rivington. 

I have so much to report that I hardly know where to begin but I thought I would kick this summer weekend off with a really bright USA discovery.  Sephora has collaborated with Pantone (Genius!) to create the most vibrant palettes I have seen in a long time.

Having checked these guys out in person I can confirm that the palette is huge (it claims to be able to 'slip' into your handbag but I'm not so sure about that!) and the pigment in the product is rich and blendable, inspired by nature, with a really great variety of colour and tone to create anything from a sultry smokey eye to girly ombre shadow and even a striking neon eyeliner.  This is the perfect product for make up junkies and people who are experimenting with their look alike as it covers all colour bases!
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Not only have they collaborated on palettes but they have also come up with some pretty awesome hard wear too.  These brushes are super soft natural bristle brushes housed in a case that matches the shadow palette (which incidentally are both very slimline).  I really hope this collaboration continues with more collections coming out each season because with a partnership like this one the possibilities are endless.

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Both of these products are really reasonably priced with the palette being $55.00 (£35.20) and the brush set $38.00 (£24.30).  If you are near a Sephora go and have a look, although that place is dangerous I never leave without spending a fortune.

Have a vibrant weekend guys!

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  1. Beautiful colour palette... worlds of fun! Sophie X