Friday, 6 July 2012

I heart NYC

Besides the incredible amount of creativity it contains, including this which is a mind blowing must see...

The endlessly inspiring fashion and street art...

The most super fun form of public transport...

And the most enjoyable way ever to spend a weekend, here and here...

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I never fail to uncover some major make-up gems that find their way to the very top of my beauty routine or my set bag and here are a few worth trying out.
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Sensual Skin Enhancer (silly name) from the late, great Kevyn Aucoin is truly the wonder base product I have been searching for,  It is a super creamy multiple product working as a foundation, a blemish concealer and an under eye highlighter providing astounding results.  I find you get the best out of it if you work it into your skin with your fingers, it comes in sixteen shades and is available here in the UK for £36.00 and here in the US for about $56.00.  It's a tiny pot but it goes a very long way and is perfect for a little enhancement as opposed to a full coverage base.

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Doctors Dermalogic Formula - DDF, Ultra lite oil free moisturising dew (long name) is exactly what is says on the label, it's super light but seems to keep my skin hydrated all day and make-up can be applied almost straight after using it. If you have sensitive skin and are searching for a great summer moisturiser give this a go.  Available here for $40.00

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Finally Fresh Cannabis Santal (controversial name, ha!) is absolutely delicious,  it is marketed as a mens fragrance however I found it to be sexy and sultry and seemingly perfect for NYC.  With top notes of Bergamot and Brazilian Orange, heart notes of Cannabis Accord (no it doesn't smell anything like that) and rose and base notes of Chocolate, Vetiver and Vanilla it is simply delicious.

I always find New York City a constant source of inspiration and this time round was certainly no exception.

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