Wednesday, 25 July 2012

3 - Dot Liner

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Sometimes you stumble across an image that totally sums up your mood.  This incredible mixed media work called Original Ombre Pink Peach Moon 1 by Adam Collier Noel is so beautiful and serves perfectly to inspire.  I'm very jealous of the lucky duck who snagged this to hang in their home!

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This is so cool (in theory) it is the soon to be released Clarins 3 dot liner.  I have read mixed reviews about how people are using this product.  Some are saying it is for the novice to carry out a winged eyeliner whilst exercising mega caution, as in, drawing the whole line using a series of three dots and then filling in, not good practice and likely to end in an uneven shambles.  The other more realistic and exciting use is to work the product in the series of dots right in between your lashes, really thickening up the look of the lash line.  Then for more depth add your liquid eyeliner (see how to do that really easily here) on top resulting in very sultry'd hope!
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Another gorgeous product from upcoming the Autumn/winter 12 collection from Clarins is this limited edition colour accents face and bush palette, perfect for highlighting and contouring and adding a rosy glow to a wide variety of complexions.

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And if it is as sunny where you are as we are in London right now (I am currently shooting at a really hot and sticky location), make some of this incredible Watermelon Agua Fresca.  It is unbelievably refreshing and really delicious, recipe here.  Or you could try these grown-up slushies that look equally as delicious but slightly more fun, recipe here!

Have a chilled day guys!

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