Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Brush BFF's...

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I have to tell you all about one of my favourite brushes in the whole world, ever.  I was using it this morning and noticed every time I do, without fail the person I am using it on will say something about how lovely this brush feels on the skin, not to mention the finish it provides. 

I first bought this brush at IMATS (International Make-Up Artist trade show) about five years ago and am still in love.  I have a massive amount of brushes in my kit that I have collected over the years (you will find just a few of them here) but not all of them feel like tools I have to work with, this one I just couldn't do without now.

This is the pointed foundation brush from adesign, which is an Atlanta, Georgia based brush company.  It's really cheap ($32.00 - £20.00) compared to virtually all other professional brush companies (although I'm sure I only paid about $15.00 for mine).  It cleans up a dream and has not shed a single hair since I got it.  Sigh.  This ones a keeper!


  1. i want to reach out and grab it!

  2. Great post and product review!