Thursday, 23 February 2012


Make-up Artist Peter Philips referred to the look he created for the Fendi show in Milan as "a game of textures" which it was indeed.  By opposing the strong black kohl liner on the top lash line with shiny gold leaf pressed into the eyelid all the way up and over the brow the models exuded both vintage femininity and super modern strength.  

Gold leaf is such a beautiful yet very very tricky medium to work with.  If you do decide to give something like this a go (perhaps as just a gesture and not all the way up over the brows ok, Ga Ga!), I recommend using eyelash glue that has all but dried on the skin and a very clean soft brush to lift the leaf out of the book or the pot it comes in to apply because that stuff has a life of it's own.  This look requires a very steady hand!

(How gold leaf is traditionally bought)

The product below will give you a gilt effect, not quite as golden and shiny (of course its not actual gold) but really effective all the same.  It's one of the closest things I have found to a pure gold in a make-up specific product, also perfect for body painting and for use in your hair depending on your wild ideas.  Using this is not difficult, time consuming or expensive, and this pot is only £5.00 ($8.50).


This is the type of thing you can achieve with the Fardel water colour cream, pretty awesome huh?

This is the type of thing you could not achieve with the Fardel water colour cream, although for a purse it is very golden and very make-upy' and equally awesome don't you think? Lulu Guinness is an eccentric accessories designer known for her quirky aesthetic and you can find this here.

(image via)

And for the luxe obsessed out there or for anyone who has had a total disaster trying to recreate the Fendi magic on their eyelids, just stick it all over a batch of brownies to make them look a million dollars and eat it! (of course you have to make sure the type of leaf you bought is edible). Mmmmmm.


  1. I love gold! Lime Crime makeup has a gold lipgloss that I love so much! Makes your lips look metallic!

  2. I love gold, especially gold shoes ! also gold accessories :)