Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Organized Chaos

As some of you may know, and as if I hadn't mentioned already the action surrounding the Royal wedding in a mere two days time, is really hotting up here in London. For me this means that I am getting busier by the hour, and working well in to the night. Which I hasten to add, is something that always comes with the territory and an element of the job you somehow manage to enjoy! This is what last night looked like...

(all images 56 to Rivington)

It is definitely an organized chaos and one I am happy to share with you. There are an awful lot of MAC products on this particular project, however you may also spot a few other must have items that I take on every shoot. What you don't see are approximately ten thousand other items packed in bags and cases in the room with me in anticipation of every make up eventuality.

I have to admit that I really didn't think I would have too much interest in the wedding, but when you are spending every day in the thick of it, it's really difficult not to get a little caught up.


  1. This is is a very good blog :)

  2. great post! i love your blog...xo

  3. wow...that is a lot of make-up! how many suitcases do u bring to evey job? ;-))

  4. Jess, Its dependent on the job but I usually have 3 cases with me, 1 large one full of hair products and 2 others full of make up. Oh, and a lovely assistant to help me out!

    Thanks for stopping by.

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