Thursday, 16 February 2012

Celestial Garden

Shu Uemura is an innovative Japanese company and is the first ever make-up brand I worked for straight after training at London College of Fashion, I loved the brand then and I still love it now.  Celestial Garden is their 134th mode collection and it contains a couple of really exciting gems!
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These cream blushers are completely gorgeous, perfect colours to really liven up your complexion and with a super interesting packaging concept.  These will set you back £20.00 ($32.00).

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Check out the lipstick buddies to the blushers.  There is one to suit almost every skin tone, they are spot on trend for spring and are also £20.00 ($32.00) each.  

Shu Uemura is such a playful brand who produce not only a spectacular product range but also some very serious kit.  Their brushes in my opinion are some of the best in the world, I still have brushes in my kit from them that are probably ten years old.  Definitely worth the initial outlay!


  1. shu uemura has some cool stuff, I love their fake eyelashes!! =) haven't seen the collection u posted yet but I definitely need to check it out =)

  2. Hey Elle,

    Yep I agree, their eyelashes are spectacular!

  3. i really love their packaging!