Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Murray Christmas

When you finish filming a movie there is normally a little gift given out to all of the crew members involved to say thank you for all the hard work.  These normally come in the form of a warm jacket branded with the name of the movie.  However, the most recent one to come home was far more inspiring.

So I filled it with ice,  added 35ml (ish!) of Grey Goose vodka,  a splash of grenadine, a much bigger splash of curacao triple sec and half a lime squeezed and thrown in.  I gave it a good shake, poured it out and added a cocktail cherry for major kitsch factor.  If you look closely you can see the star of the movie etched into the side of the shaker!

This little creation is strong, sweet and old fashioned, it felt perfect for the Christmas season.  It will now be affectionately know in our house as a Murray Christmas.  

(images thanks to Kye Corfield)

Have a go, it was delicious.

Do you have a particular cocktail you love to make up at home? How about a seasonal favourite you always create to get you in the holiday mood?

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