Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Festive Fishtail Braid

Fishtail braids look so complicated.  They are not! They are beautiful to look at, make you feel polished and together and are unbelievably simple to do.  Firstly, if you fancy, put a little bit of teasing in at the crown this is just to give some height and a nice silhouette to your final look. Then separate your hair roughly into two sections.

Take a small strand of hair from underneath one section and hand it over to the opposite section and then repeat the same process on the other side, continually passing a little piece of hair from underneath over to the other side and joining it into the original bunch.  The bigger the strands you pick the larger the, erm..scales? (yuck) in your fishtail braid will be. Keep doing this all the way down, easy huh?

Its even easier, if your hair is long enough to bring in front of you over your shoulder and braid downwards.  Keep repeating this process until your plait is the desired length, band up the end and you are ready to roll.   

I like to deconstruct this look a little bit and pull it apart with my fingers.  This makes the style a little more casual. (On the other hand you can really slick this do down and make it look super edgy and warrior like).  

Add a pout full of red lipstick and get your Christmas cocktail on!

(Thank you again gorgeous Leslie and Kye Corfield for his awesome photography skills! X)

Do you have a signature hairstyle? Do you have any plans for your hair and make up this party season? 

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  1. Love this! I think the fishtail braids are great, but I always have a problem with keeping it tight as I am going. It might be the layers in the hair, though I don't think I could do this to myself. I am not that talented.

  2. Nicki,

    You can always put a band in at the top of your ponytail to secure it first, the braid will look a little different but no less pretty!

  3. must give this a go it looks great x

  4. beautifully done. my hair is so long that it takes me 15 mins at least to do a fish trail braid!


  5. You look beautiful Claire!! I wish my hair was long enough to have a braid..

    Have a nice day girl!