Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Super Kawaii

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This collaboration is so cute.  Not only do I love the brand Shu Uemura, did I mention this fact already? Yes? Oh okay lets move on.  I also love me some beautiful packaging.  The cleansing oil is a product I use daily, and now this collaboration with highly acclaimed Japenese kimono artist Mamechiyo gives the product one hundred percent more shelf appeal.  Due to hit stores in May.  

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They didn't just make over the cleansing oil they also made over the UV under base mousse.  Is this possibly, even, cuter?  Another wonder product that I always have in my kit.  It is akin to a BB cream which we spoke about here, but is a mousse and designed to go beneath your foundation, and if your skin is fairly decent to begin with this wonder product really makes it sing!

However I'm not sure if any of these are as sweet as these girls I snapped during the Japanese new year celebrations on a recent trip to Tokyo.  I love the kimono/bowler hat combo. Super Kawaii!


  1. I'm a sucker for cute packaging. I will buy just about anything if it is packaged well.


  2. Adoring the packaging! Thanks for sharing.