Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Its so quite around here....

Oh, how I'm missing this little corner of the internet right now.  You see the thing is when you are a Make- Up Artist and you are working on a TV show or film your hours are long, like really long.  Normally you arrive at the studio along with the costume department way before most other departments in order to get everything ready for the arrival of the actors.  They come into make-up from 7:00AM before doing anything else.  I like to get onto my make-up truck at around 6:30AM, just before my team arrive so I can get things organised for the day...

This clearly is not my make-up truck (it's The Rockette's getting ready for a show in 1944...Awesome!). However it is equally as chaotic.  More to come as I take you guys through a typical day on set in a Make-Up department.


  1. my boyfriend is a filmmaker, he often works in production, lots of art direction and gaffing..... such long hours!

    great photo, amazing glimpse into the past. your work must be interesting, i'm sure you meet tons of fascinating people.


  2. ka- OOL blog. Art a la Rue

  3. Fun picture!



  4. I work in theatre so the hours are similarly long and crazy - they just start later and run very late. I'd love to see a picture of your work space!

    Gosh the 1940's were so glamorous.

    :) Ewa


  5. Looks like fun!

    I hope you are having a great weekend.

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