Wednesday, 30 November 2011


On our road trip stop in San Francisco I was lucky enough to be staying almost next door to this charming place. Where I sampled it's delicious peanut butter cookies.  I just stumbled across this gorgeous video of the founder Meg Ray explaining the history of her pastry shop Miette.

A little something sweet for this chilly afternoon in London.

(video via)

You can purchase the cookbook right here, What a lovely Christmas gift for the pastry aficionado in your life.


  1. awesome post!!

  2. delicious peanut butter cookies are essential...... this cookbook sounds fabulous!

  3. I JUST got back from SF, where I too sampled Miette's luscious goodies. My fave was the rose macaron - tasted just like I was eating flowers! Love this video - captures the brand perfectly.

  4. Camille, I was so keen to try the fabulous macarons Miette is famous for but by the time I stopped by in the late afternoon they had sadly sold out! Adored the PB cookies though so I wasn't too disappointed.