Tuesday, 28 August 2012

The Dark Side

When September fashion week approaches here in London it always feels like the end of Summer.  I love Autumn in this city and even more than that  I REALLY love Winter trends.  With a huge stack of September issues on my desk one make-up must that really stands out this season is the dark lip.  

Just like the classic red lip there really is a very dark plum /wine/black cherry-ish shade to suit everyone, it's just a case of putting in a little research in order to find it.

My preference for working this look out like a supermodel is to pick a matte version, matte lipstick is a lot more user friendly in terms of smudging, bleeding and the dreaded lipstick on the teeth scenario.  It also looks incredibly chic and perfectly pulled together.

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Another option is to layer up more of a stain for a slightly softer look.   

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Tom Ford has undoubtedly made the uber luxe make-up market his own, and this lip colour in Black Orchid is a perfect example of how make-up can secure it's position as a key trend in any season.  It is covet worthy perfection which comes at a price £36.00 ($57.00) to be exact.

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And here is literally the exact opposite end of the make-up budget spectrum, a huge brand favourite of mine, Sleek.  Their version of this look is Cherry and costs a mere $4.10 ($6.49) but is by no means any less chic than the pricey heavyweight above.  I always say if you want to experiment with seasonal make-up trends go to Sleek as they are the perfect brand to play around with your look without throwing down a ton of cash.

 Have some fun on the dark side this Fall!

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  1. stunning examples! love the second pic... pinned ;)