Thursday, 9 August 2012

GaGa for GaGa

The September issue of Vogue is always the reserved for the heaviest copy, the most fashion and the biggest cover story of the year.  It has been much anticipated this time round as Lady Gaga was to be featured on the cover.  Styled by the cornerstone of US Vogue, Grace Coddington and shot by Mert & Marcus it is Amazing.
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Wearing a Marc Jacobs creation reminiscent of both a tropical fish and a big purple one with the most perfect make-up, she still looks a tiny bit kooky but a whole lot grown up and glamourous.

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And this hat, I can't even...I don't...It's Steven Jones, It looks like something from Sesame Street (if you added a couple of eyeballs) and I think it is perfection.  

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