Thursday, 23 June 2011

Festival Fever

So, for those of you who don't know this weekend in the UK is the world famous Glastonbury festival. It is a weekend (or week if you are a party monster) that so many of us look forward to every other year. This year the headline act will be the one and only Beyonce, who incidentally will be dropping in this week to the studios where I spend a huge amount of time for an interview. Exciting!

Anyway, back to the festival. What used to be a time for hippies to kick back and relax in a field listening to their favourite music, has turned into a full on runway show for every fashion savvy mud lover!

Miss Moss really killed it back in 2005 when she attended and set the fashion bar for all us future attendees really...really high!

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When she appeared in this denim short, wellington boot and beach, bed head ensemble. The uniform for Glastonbury had been well and truly established, and dedicated followers have obliged ever since. It is the one time of year where unwashed hair and a layer of three day old eyeliner is not considered gross but a total must!

(image unknown, do you?)

These girls are working the festival look to perfection. I love how everyone has their own unique twist on the look which is both comfortable and practical (it almost always rains!) and yet super sexy. If I were attending this year, which sadly I can't due to party wrecking work schedules, this is what I would be taking with me.

This gorgeous Alexander Wang backpack is on sale and can be found here. I think it has just the right balance of glamour and grunge and would be the perfect size to pack with these festival must haves.

1. Benefit cha cha tint - a gorgeous multiple use product in the perfect summer hue. Thats your lips and cheeks sorted.
2. Altoids - Just incase your toothbrush is a million miles away and someone lovely has caught your eye!
3. Bungee hair ties - Because by day three you may not be looking so "beachy".
4. MAC wipes - These are fantastic, I use them on every shoot as they are very effective at clean ups but keep the skin feeling fresh and moisturised. You will find a million uses for these.
5. Clinique body spray SPF25 - Remember no matter what colour or tone your skin is, the sun will still try and cause major damage, so keep moisturised and protected with a good SPF.
6. Bumble and Bumble hair powder - This is just one version of a product that needs no explanation, and for girls or guys with curly hair TRESemme have just bought out this, Yay.
7. Armani Eyes to kill mascara - It is without doubt the best mascara I have ever used and will keep your lashes looking beautiful no matter how hard you party.
8. Olympus PEN - Any camera you like (this one is just so pretty) to make sure you get tons of snaps to document your awesome, messy festival weekend with your friends!

Have an amazing time if your going please let me know how it was, and if you're not make sure you have a little festival of your own this weekend where ever you are. Enjoy!


  1. sounds like a fun time! Although I've never heard of it, living here in California. I'd love to party for a whole week!

  2. Great post ! I've never been to a festival like this, I'll def try to go there ! Check out :