Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Light & Dangerous

Just a couple of awesome ideas from a few of my favourite daily clicks.  How amazing are these eyelashes?  They are made from paper inspired by the ancient Chinese art of paper cutting.  You can cut them down and just use parts of them in the outer corner of your eye for a slightly more subtle look (like most falsies).  And you can buy them right here.  Gorgeous.

(image from, via)

And how fierce (literally) are these fingertips?  I'm not sure why or how practical, but I kind of like them none the less. Perhaps these will start a new trend.  Do you think you would ask for this finish at your next manicure? 

(image via, along with an article about the division of labour in the USA and the Vietnamese monopoly on the nail industry. Interesting huh?)

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  1. Those are such cool eyelashes! Thanks for sharing :)