Friday, 18 February 2011

Tape up

The countless uses and delightful projects involving Japanese masking tape or 'Washi' tape have been floating around the web for quite a long time now. This still didn't stop me from purchasing more of it than even the most crafty of crafty people would know what to do with, and just when I thought my Washi tape binge was over.

This happened. Styled beautifully with a little leather handle that I simply could not resist. The Japanese really have the cute, gimicky, must have but really not sure why products down to an art form.

I mean does anyone really need this addition to their craft collection, do they?

Erm apparently yes, I do, Its a washi tape printer. It comes with all different types of tape to feed through it, and it prints in both Japanese and English with plenty of little boarders and pictures to choose from to customize your labels further.

And of course in true Japanese style even the box is aesthetically pleasing with tremendous attention to detail.

My make up storage has never been so labeled and organized.

(images Kye Corfield)
I knew it would come in handy.

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