Monday, 21 January 2013

Oh it's good...

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Monday, 22 October 2012

Luxury Lace...

Or pure madness?  

I'm all for luxury skincare, even though I tend to stick to simple organic products I'm not going to call anyone out on throwing down some serious bones in the beauty department if thats what floats your boat!

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But what do you make of this? it is Givenchy's Le Soin Noir face mask and here is what they have to say about it.

The most haute couture of masks, Le Soin Noir is a complete beauty renewal for the skin. Infused with the rejuvenating powder of vital black algae sap, this luxurious lace mask combines skin-firming and anti-ageing for a rejuvenated look.

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They cost £220.00 ($353.00) for four which lets face it is at the REALLY high end of the product spectrum, what do you think, are you enough of a beauty junkie to give this a go or is this just a gimmick for the super elite?

Tuesday, 18 September 2012

For the love of Vivienne

This should absolutely not work. at. all. But it does Oh man, it really, really does.  The hair styling is glorious.

The headpieces are literally a dream come true for an eccentric British country wedding.

And the make-up, wow, the make-up for Vivienne Westwood's SS13 Runway show is a sheer delight to take in. I always love the creativity at her shows but this time round she has blown her previous (incredible) looks out of the water.

In the words of Rachel Zoe. I die.

Monday, 17 September 2012

Setting the Tone: Night Sky

1) Absolutely beautiful office interior courtesy of Elle Decor.

2) Eye colour eyeshadow quad in Cobalt Rush from the king of luxury make-up Tom Ford. £47.00 ($75.00).

3) The forever lustworthy PS1 Satchel from Proenza Schouler £1,220 ($1,979). Cheap? hell no, fabulous? oh yeah!

4) Rodarte SS13 runway look created by James Kalidaros using Nars...perfection. Image from Harper's Bazaar.

5) Have a go at recreating the look at Rodarte using Chanel stylo yeux waterproof in Marine £19.00 ($30.00).

6) Ughhh (in a good way!) Le Labo is such a luxurious brand, I first sampled this in The Savoy Hotel in London whilst on a shoot with Duran Duran (rock and roll), it was in the bathroom and I squealed (not rock and roll!). Trust me if you fancy a treat this is a dream. Patchouli Body oil £41.00 ($67.00).

7) So the fabulous ladies at Bando have done it again, only this time better. Check out their black Label collection,   doesn't it remind you of Carrie Bradshaw's wedding headband/birdy thingy? Awsome.

8) Very cute swingy denim dress from ASOS.  Perfect for Autumn. £55.00 ($89.00).

9) If you struggle to get any sort of blow dry you attempt yourself to look half decent or hold for longer than 5 minutes, then give this a try Babyliss Pro 34mm blue lightening hot brush.  It creates such a super finish, although I wouldn't use it everyday as this bad boy can really kick out some heat which can also do some serious damage! £18.95 ($30.00)

Tuesday, 28 August 2012

The Dark Side

When September fashion week approaches here in London it always feels like the end of Summer.  I love Autumn in this city and even more than that  I REALLY love Winter trends.  With a huge stack of September issues on my desk one make-up must that really stands out this season is the dark lip.  

Just like the classic red lip there really is a very dark plum /wine/black cherry-ish shade to suit everyone, it's just a case of putting in a little research in order to find it.

My preference for working this look out like a supermodel is to pick a matte version, matte lipstick is a lot more user friendly in terms of smudging, bleeding and the dreaded lipstick on the teeth scenario.  It also looks incredibly chic and perfectly pulled together.

(all images via pinterest)

Another option is to layer up more of a stain for a slightly softer look.   

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Tom Ford has undoubtedly made the uber luxe make-up market his own, and this lip colour in Black Orchid is a perfect example of how make-up can secure it's position as a key trend in any season.  It is covet worthy perfection which comes at a price £36.00 ($57.00) to be exact.

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And here is literally the exact opposite end of the make-up budget spectrum, a huge brand favourite of mine, Sleek.  Their version of this look is Cherry and costs a mere $4.10 ($6.49) but is by no means any less chic than the pricey heavyweight above.  I always say if you want to experiment with seasonal make-up trends go to Sleek as they are the perfect brand to play around with your look without throwing down a ton of cash.

 Have some fun on the dark side this Fall!

Thursday, 9 August 2012

GaGa for GaGa

The September issue of Vogue is always the reserved for the heaviest copy, the most fashion and the biggest cover story of the year.  It has been much anticipated this time round as Lady Gaga was to be featured on the cover.  Styled by the cornerstone of US Vogue, Grace Coddington and shot by Mert & Marcus it is Amazing.
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Wearing a Marc Jacobs creation reminiscent of both a tropical fish and a big purple one with the most perfect make-up, she still looks a tiny bit kooky but a whole lot grown up and glamourous.

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And this hat, I can't even...I don't...It's Steven Jones, It looks like something from Sesame Street (if you added a couple of eyeballs) and I think it is perfection.  


These are by artist Harriet White, Can you believe they are oil paintings?

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Absolutely incredible don't you agree?